Random Assortment of 2009 Favorites

Favorite Album of 2009

Where the Wild Things Are – Karen O and the Kids

I should probably dedicate more than just a few sentences to my favorite album, however, I am not very practiced in the art of writing about music. I would just like to say that in a year of really good albums (new releases from Flaming Lips, Clipse, and St. Vincent, and Karen O’s other release It’s Blitz with Yeah Yeah Yeahs come to mind) The soundtrack to Where the Wild Things Are stands head and shoulders over them all. The first time I listened to the album I hadn’t seen the movie, and I still loved it, despite spending the entire time wondering how it would work inside a movie. Then October 16th I saw the movie, and god damn, it worked. Stand out tracks for me are Hidaway and Worried Shoes (a cover of a Daniel Johnston song), they are slow-moving pieces of music that really show off Karen O’s voice.

Favorite Moment of Sheer Comedy

Talking Penis – Bruno

Really the moment starts when Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) announces his exclusive interview with Harrison Ford, which lasts just long enough for Mr. Ford to tell Bruno to “Fuck Off”. Then comes the most uncomfortably hilarious thing filmed in a long while, Bruno’s swinging penis set to thumping European techno. I roll on the floor laughing each and every time I see it.

Favorite Thing I saw on T.V. in 2009

TIE: Dayman Cometh – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia & Jenna’s Gibbon – 30 Rock

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 30 Rock are probably my two favorite comedy shows of all time and the Dayman Cometh musical is one of the most inspired moments of Sunny, one of those moments in t.v. that rewards constant viewership and close attention to old jokes ( like a good episode of Arrested Development). Every song in the play calls back some old joke or moment from past seasons.

Jenna’s Gibbon is my other favorite t.v. moment because it’s a Gibbon, it wears clothes and it’s the epitome of win! Also there is a moment in the episode where the Gibbon is in an elevator and it wants Jenna to pick it up, and when she does it makes this “OOOEE” sound that is heart meltingly adorable.

Favorite Moment of Sheer Insanity

First 96 minutes of Crank 2: High Voltage

Yes, that is the entire runtime of the movie, this movie, if you haven’t seen it is BATSHIT MOF**KING CRAZINESS, if you have seen it, then you know what I mean. So I’ll keep it short and simple like Crank 2 and say GO WATCH THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW.

Favorite Musical Concert I Went To In 2009

Hazards of Love Tour – The Decemberists

Only concert I went to this year sadly. It was still pretty good, the opening act Blind Pilot was also really good.

So I guess thats some of my small favorites from this past year. Tune in later when I post my least favorite things!


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