The Karate Kid

Here is the first trailer for the Karate Kid remake starring Jackie Chan and the Fresh Prince’s kid (the Fresh Duke?).

Anyway the trailer looks alright, I have never been a fan of The Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio, personally I think his powers to act were put to better use as Johnny in The Outsiders. So the fact that I have any interest in this film is moderately astounding.

Something that did strike me as interesting, and the thing that prompted me to write this here post, is the few second long moment when old crabby Jackie Chan helps The Fresh Duke out and proceeds to beat up some asian teens. I realize the entire film will not be about this, but I sort of wish it were.

The Karate Kid would probably be way better if it were about a crazy old man who decides that teens are out of control and starts kicking the crap out of them on the streets of Hong Kong (it would work as a double feature with Gran Torino), instead of a family/action/drama about a young black kid who moves to China and has to learn discipline from what appears to be a down on his luck karate champ.

In the end I’ll probably catch this flick when it comes out in June, but I’ll probably sit wishing it were an hour and a half of Jackie Chan drinking cheap liquor, swearing, and punching children.


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