Batman by way of Omar

So I have spent almost the entire winter break watching The Wire on DVD. Though I have not yet completed the series, I am a mere 7 episodes away, and I can safely say it is one of the best things I have ever looked at.

Like many people I have heard from on the topic of The Wire, including President Obama apparently, my favorite character is Omar, the bad ass homosexual stick up dude, I am not here to discuss Omar however, I am here to discuss Batman.

But first an explanation: In episode 4 of season 5 Omar is back in Baltimore and he is pissed, there is a scene where he sneaks up on and beats up a dude, and I thought “Holy shit this guy needs to be Batman!”

Seriously look at this guy, he is a bad ass, scary dude, and in the show Michael K. Williams proves he can portray a smart, meticulous thinker and strategist, does that sound like anybody else in pop culture? Thats right The Caped Crusader.

We’ve had 2 good Batmans, or would that be Batmen?, (Bale, Keaton) an extremely bland one (Kilmer) a gay one (Clooney) and one that everyone loves (West) I think it is about god damn time we had an African-American Batman. So once Nolan is finished with his Batman story and Warner Brothers has waited a couple of years before deciding the world requires a fresh version of the dark knight up on the silver screen, my hope is they go to Michael K. Williams.


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