Understanding Dj Khaled

There is a phenomenon in the rap community known as DJ Khaled. This guy doesn’t really make any rational sense. He really brings nothing to the table, he’s like the guy in your group of friends who brings nothing to the table but insists he tell people what to do. I’ve seen a few DJ Khaled videos in my day and they are all pretty ridiculous but this one Fed Up is off the chain balls to the wall fucking bananas.

Did you see that. Watch it again, I had to. It starts like a bad straight to DVD Steven Seagal flick about drug dealers in Chinatown. They make a big deal about Khaled (the fat dude with the glasses) carrying a bag with a camera attached, then apparently because the streets are fed up it’s time to rapidly leave. Did you see how he runs out, watch it again he fucking waddles, thats not hood DJ Khaled thats lame. Also what prompts this bizarre act of fed upness? He just all of a sudden starts banging his chubby fingers on the table of some chinese restaurant. Why does he ruin that window? Where the fuck did Khaled learn to speak chinese? So many questions will they be answered?

So then finally the song starts with Khaled in classic Khaledocity starts yelling his name and how he is fed up because he apparently represents the streets but who elected him nobody i know would choose him to represent them.

What the hell? It just turned to into a crappy Fast and Furious movie and Usher keeps saying things about hustling, that makes no sense he’s an R&B singer when has he ever hustled.

Oh snap it’s Drake. The newest Usher wannabe on the block. Apparently Drake attained money from the illegal activities Drake often perpetrates on the streets. Oh wait Drake has never been on the streets because he was a god damned child actor on Degrassi the Next Generation a popular Canadian soap-opera for teens (personally I love it but that doesn’t change that fact that it is in no way hood, street, gangsta, fresh, or fly)

Okay so they get off the boat and the song kind of stops and we see Khaled open the case… and they were trying to sell an mp3 player to Chinese triad guys.

At the end of this video we are no closer to answering these questions. The only thing we know for sure is that DJ Khaled is certifiably insane, and is also trying to murder rap music.

Seriously WTF?


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