10 Best Movies of 2009

So the year has been over for more than a week and I have finally decided to post my best of the year list. This is a bit less comprehensive than last year but honestly I didn’t much feel like writing anything for any of the movies except for my number one. So here goes! Top Ten of 2009

10 – Observe and Report

9 – In The Loop

8 – Fantastic Mr. Fox

7 – Moon

6 – The Brothers Bloom

5 – The Hurt Locker

4 – Avatar

3 – Inglourious Basterds

2 – District 9

and number one actually gets a bit of a write-up!

1 – Where the Wild Things Are: Spike Jonze has created a children’s film for the ages. Nothing like the recent glut of pop culture obsessed kids “comedies” like Garfield and the majority of the films Dreamworks animation has made. Where the Wild Things Are switches the game up and dares to make kids think, something Hollywood seems to think is impossible. That being said the aspect of WTWTA that makes it truly remarkable is its ability to challenge adults, to make those of us that are no longer 9 years old remember what being 9 years old is like.
Beyond my cerebral love for this film lies the aesthetic beauty. The Wild Things are some of the best creature effects I have ever seen, the combination of puppeteers in giant suits with computer generated faces truly draws the viewer in some viewers were drawn in so well that they cry*
The acting is brilliant especially from Max Records who as Max is in every scene, the film depends on a good performance from a child luckily Spike Jonze got a great performance, the emotional range shown by a pre-teen is astounding. The voice cast of the Wild Things is almost as impressive, Gandolfini and Cooper as Carol and Douglas respectively stand out as touching, funny, and in Gandolfini’s case truly raw and real.
This film continues to make me think and I can’t wait to see it again.

*I cried


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