Oscar Noms

I don’t have much to say that’s different from what every other nerd out there will say which will be “Man District 9 and Avatar should win everything, Blind Side sucks, why wasn’t Sharlto nominated, why don’t girls think I’m as handsome as my mom says I am, can they give an oscar to Ricardo Montalban because he deserves one for Kahn” that’s what they’ll say believe me.

Basically I want to say that it’s really cool that so many genre flicks got nominated and while I do think it stupid that they increase the best pic slots to 10 and give one of them to The Blind Side, that both District 9 and Avatar (thems sci-fi flicks) almost makes up for 2001 not getting nominated for best picture back in the day (why this bothers me i don’t know, my mom was only like 6 months old at that point but still 2001 getting snubbed emotionally affects me.


Seriously, give this movie it's just desserts

It’s also cool that Up got nominated, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but i believe this is the first time an animated film has been nominated for best picture (while typing that it felt really wrong so I probably have my facts mixed up) anyway it’s been a long time if it has happened, I think it’s a good choice.

In the end my only disappointment is a ridiculous one, even I knew that Where The Wild Things Are would not receive any nominations but it will always be the best movie of 2009 in my book.

go to hell girl who said this movie was awful and depressing, you suck

So you know little over a month and we’ll find out just how much the academy hates nerds and loves Sandra Bullock but until then we can totally pretend like District 9 has any sort of chance in hell at winning a single award.


2 Responses to “Oscar Noms”

  1. I’m pretty sure Beauty and the Beast was nominated.

  2. Yup i found this out when i actually did some research. Thanks though

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