Six Feet Under Season 3: Attack of the Dude from The Rocker

Seems okay

Okay so I’m like 5 or 6 episodes into the third season of Six Feet Under and it’s really good. I just wanted to be on the record as saying that Rainn Wilson is like really creepy in this and like this weird flirtation he has between the old lady Fisher is extraordinarily eerie. That being said great acting job by this guy, not surprising though his shit in the last Mimzy was equally off the chain.

This is not an image from The Last Mimzy

On a totally not Rainn Wilson point, I purchased the third season on DVD from and when I got them I found they were old Blockbuster rentals, just thought it was cool that I could get a season of a television show (well I guess it’s not television… it’s HBO) for less than 10 bucks because a corporation is slowly going out of business as it’s business model slowly dies a protracted painful death like Pee Wee in the Buffy movie.

If any other random things pop into my mind whilst enjoying Six Feet Under I shall keep you updated


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