Nolan Bro’s Superman

So the internets are ablaze with the news that Christopher Nolan is working on both a third Batman flick as well as acting as a “mentor” for the next Supes picture. The Batman news is pretty rad because I really do enjoy Nolan’s work on The Caped Crusader, however, I am wary of Nolan doing whatever a movie mentor will do.

This is the first image that came up when I googled "movie mentor"

First and foremost let us get this out-of-the-way, I don’t really like Superman. Never really have, even as a child Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Biker Mice from Mars were my go to cartoon bad asses, then Spawn took over when I was like 8.

Significantly more rad than Superman

I was 11 when I saw the first 2 Christopher Reeve Superman flicks from back in the day, and even then I was rooting for Gene Hackman to win, even though I  totally knew that Superman won’t lose, because he can’t lose, because he wasn’t an interesting character. Superman is static to me.

Over the years I’ve learned to at least appreciate the cultural reasoning behind Superman’s popularity, but I still can’t bring myself to give a shit about a guy who can’t lose. So one would think that a darker, grittier, Dark Knight-esque Superman would be the thing to bring me into the Man of Steel fold, however, that could not be any further from the truth.

I have voiced my disdain for Superman but everyone keep in mind that one of my favorite comic series of all time is Grant Morrison and Frank Quitley’s All-Star Superman. Morrison actually gives Superman an interesting reason to exist and plays to the only interesting facet of Superman: the fact that Superman at this point exists as a Deity an all-knowing, all-seeing, benevolent being who just want to help. If a Superman movie actually needs to happen in 3-5 years why not make that and instead of Nolan “mentoring” why not get Grant Morrison because he knows his Superman, also I want to see a big screen evil sun!


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