The Descent: One Man’s Journey

This is one of the best posters ever!

Neil Marshall’s The Descent was released in 2005 and according to my friends at the time, the horror world was turned on it’s ear. However, I didn’t see it until this very evening. It took me 5 years to work up the courage to watch this movie. I don’t really enjoy horror movies, especially the kind that deal in jump scares. I prefer a more cerebral horror film (I still hold Mulholland Drive as the scariest, most unsettling film ever made). However, another of Marshall’s films Doomsday is one of my all time favorite action films and I thought it was about time I saw The Descent, if only to see some more graphic violence.

In the graphic violence department The Descent delivers. Leg breaks, hand burns, throat slashing and stabbings, and my personal favorite in filmed violence the eye gouge. In this amateur film critic’s personal opinion nothing improves an already violent film like a pair of thumbs slowly pushing their way into an already occupied pair of eye sockets. Seriously, if you are a connoisseur of fine gore, you probably already saw this movie, but if you are new to the field, or missed the boat like I did check it out.

Story wise how does it hold up? You might be asking, if you are I will tell that it’s pretty simple, group of female thrill seekers, mostly from England or Scotland excluding the one American chick, come to Appalachia (for the most part a terrible idea if you are in a movie) to do some spelunking. Then things get real. How real you ask?

This real eventually

I went in knowing monsters were in this flick, but without knowing when they showed up so when they didn’t show up at the very start of the cave adventure (or Caventure) I was a bit concerned. Then all concern kind of fell away, Marshall keeps tension even without a supernatural threat, these girls spend most of the movie fighting rocks and darkness which for me was way scarier. Then the Crawlers show up, these guys are like if Gollum was weakened my years of petting a ring. The Crawlers start tearing shit up and you kind of lose all sense of tension, but that’s okay because you gain the kind of violence I mentioned in the second paragraph.

Bottom line, if you’d like this movie you’ve probably already seen it. However, if you like good horror, and amazing violence check this flick out.


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