Shutter Island: Scorsese Gets Back On His “A” Game

Martin Scorsese’s latest, Shutter Island, is old school.

but not this old school

It’s old school in the way it tells a creepy story. This is a horror movie but not like The Ring or Drag Me To Hell where shit jumps out at you and is like “RAH”. Shutter Island is more about atmosphere and character. You worry for DiCaprio and Ruffalo, and you mistrust Kingsley and Von Sydow.

The story starts out relatively simple, two U.S. Marshals are sent to the asylum for the criminally insane on Shutter Island, which is an island in Boston Harbor. The trip to the island has the same kind of dread you got from Skull Island in King Kong, only shit loads more dread cause it’s a nut house and not a monkey island.

So what do I mean by Scorsese is back on his “A” game? Well I’ll tell you, I mean that this is Scorsese’s best film since the Aviator. Get it “A”viator “A” game damn I’m good, it’s not as awesome a phrase as “Crazy Heart is like Lot’s of Country for Old Men” but I’m still proud of the “A” game thing.

Ahem… yeah so Shutter Island is better than The Departed, it sucked me in faster and more completely, it was more original, it felt like something Scorsese hadn’t really done before, while The Departed felt like warmed over Goodfellas or Casino. So that is one of two reasons I compare it to The Aviator, the other reason being DiCaprio. DiCaprio is great in Shutter Island, his accent never broke, he was convincingly scared and paranoid throughout this creepy and paranoid flick.

That’s another thing, this movie is filled with great actors but they all get the time they need and then they are gone. Mostly I’m referring to Jackie Earle Haley as a crazy dude, and Patricia Clarkson as… well someone. However the more meaty roles are also filled excellently especially Mark Ruffalo and most surprisingly Ben Kingsley. Ben Kingsley has spent a long time phoning it in on already bland flicks. Maybe his great turn in The Wackness knocked some sense back in him because Kingsley is pitch perfect in Shutter Island. Maybe Kingsley has another Itzhak Stern-esque amazing role left in him.

As a final aside concerning “-esque”. Shutter Island is the only time I have heard the term “Kafkaesque” and not been incredibly pissed off. It works because this movie is incredibly Kafkaesque but not because anybody turns into a bug. Seriously everyone stop using that term you suck and don’t know what it means.

Well Shutter Island is good, go see it now before anyone ruins it for you.


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