Terminator Salvation: Blu Ray edition

I liked Terminator Salvation upon its release last summer. It was a pretty good sci-fi action flick. A dark counter point to the more upbeat Star Trek. It wasn’t great, but it was a helluva lot better than any movie directed by McG had any right to be. I really don’t understand the backlash I’ve heard and read on the web, what more did they want from this flick, it’s got giant robots, kick ass explosions, hard-core acting from Bale, what do you need a hot chick?

This not hot enough?

Everyone I talked to before this movie was released agreed that the third Terminator flick was pretty shitty, except for one idiot* who couldn’t really give me any reasons why he liked it. I have never seen it all the way through, I started watching it once and I got bored. The cardinal sin in a time travel/robot/action movie with Terminator in the title is to be boring. Terminator Rise of the Machines bored me, Terminator Salvation did not.

Salvation has got some kick ass effects, like the part where the gas station is attacked by a giant, self-aware, claw machine and the gas station explodes and it’s all “PWAAAAASHOOOOOO” that was cool.


So the performances in this flick over all are pretty good. Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) and Sam Worthington (Avatar) especially kick ass, Yelchin because he channels old school Michael Biehn from the first Terminator almost perfectly and Worthington because he is bad ass enough and his accent only slips once per scene which is significantly better than DiCaprio did in both Gangs of New York and The Departed. Christian Bale who plays the grown up John Connor is bad ass but he just kind of does his Batman voice all the time, it works but he’s outshined by Worthington whenever they are together.

Then there is Common. I like Common. As a rapper he one of the best out there today, and in Smokin’ Aces he was for lack of a better pun aces. However in Terminator Salvation Common is unbelievably god awful. It’s like McG took him aside while they were rehearsing and was like “Listen Common I want you to pretend your brain doesn’t work, deliver all your lines like you are from another planet and you have just learned english and are reading them from que cards that you can’t really see.” It’s bad.

So my motivation is to suck, I can do that!

Well the Blu Ray version looks pretty, and it was an enjoyable enough experience the second time through so I say give this flick another chance if you didn’t like it the first time, and give it a first chance if you never bothered when it was in theaters.

*The guy wasn’t an idiot because of his opinions on T3 he was just an idiot in general.


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