Dog Soldiers

Neil Marshall has yet to disappoint. Recently I watched The Descent, and I loved his most recent film Doomsday when I saw it in theaters. Dog Soldiers is his first feature film but you wouldn’t know it from watching the movie, it is awesome. It stars Kevin McKidd (Trainspotting, Rome, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) as a bad ass soldier who gets attacked by god damned WEREWOLVES.

McKidd’s military unit of like 6-7 dudes is led by Sean Pertwee. Pertwee’s Sgt. Harry G. Wells (Like the time machine get it!) is the most bad ass Sgt. since Tom Sizemore in Saving Private Ryan, Sizemore is still more bad ass because he fought Nazi’s who never do good things, while Wells fights Werewolves who are mostly bad, but sometimes win basketball games.

This is not a shot from Dog Soldiers

So the werewolves in this flick are really rad. They aren’t CG bullshit twilight wolves, these are 9 feet tall werewolves with lanky ass arms and scary teeth and claws. The creature effects are made even more amazing by the fact that Dog Soldiers is an independent feature. They really must be seen to be believed, so here:

Look at that man, this movie is frickin great

A lot like the Descent, Dog Soldiers starts out with a group of people trekking through the wilderness, however, Dog Soldiers gets to the monsters way faster. The horror aspects of this flick genuinely surprised me, there were a number of times that made me jump, and more than a few scenes that were incredibly tense. Then we get to the violence, this movie is pretty damn violent like Neil Marshall’s other films, this one is closer to the Descent than Doomsday though, in that the gore is relatively realistic and not people exploding and heads flying through the air screaming violent.

I'm gonna git ya!

So if you are a connoisseur of violence or a fan of werewolf movies and you like cool military type characters I would recommend Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers.

P.S. anybody else read this article about the twilight fan who calls Universal out for stealing the idea of Werewolves from Stephanie Meyer’s absolutely deplorable book series. That shit makes me weep for humanity, I really wish we lived in a world where people were’nt as stupid as they are.


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