Dr. Death: A Movie About An Alright Guy

Just found this trailer for the HBO movie “You Don’t Know Jack” about the life and times (well maybe not the life but probably the times when he was killing people because they were really sick and didn’t want to live in extreme pain) of Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Al Pacino (Gigli, Two for the Money) is playing Jack Kevorkian, now recently I haven’t been impressed by Pacino (like most people) but in the 40 seconds or so in that trailer he doesn’t do his Scent of a Woman yell once, so that’s kind of a good thing. Still we must remain wary of this man’s abilities of late.

"I was once considered to be the best actor ever"

Regardless of Pacino I’m looking forward to this, I saw another HBO movie about doctors, Something The Lord Made with Mos Def and Alan Rickman about the first black heart surgeon, and that was really good, plus the Kevorkian story is really interesting to me, the idea of a dude euthenising other dudes for the good of all is really interesting and pretty cool.

Mos Def acting the shit outta Rickman and cutting the shit outta hearts

Anyway HBO makes some pretty good movies and the cast for this one looks pretty good, plus Barry Levinson makes pretty good movies.

except for this

and this

also this is a pretty awful movie


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