Repo Men: Yeah it came out like 2 weeks ago, give me a break

So let’s pretend that you drink a lot. Like all day everyday teenage Drew Barrymore levels of booze. Now if  you drink that much organs are going to fail.

Drew Barrymore's liver didn't fail because she may be a robot

Well apparently in the future if your liver, or any organ for that matter, fails you can call up Sabretooth and he’ll give you new robot organs, for a shit load of money. Now you’ve got your super new liver and you continue to drinking liquor like a young Peter O’Toole and forget to make your payments to Naomi Watts’ baby daddy he sends out his Repo Men.

Old Peter O'Toole now drinks the souls of children exclusively

The Repo Men are hardcore, like Xander Cage, only with less incoherent mumbling (also the Repo Men are actually hardcore). The most hardcore of the Repo Men are Neo Alfie (Jude Law) and Ghost Dog (Forest Whitaker), tho actors i really like, I especially love Whitaker as an actor.

as a director, however, not so much

Do you people, my dear readers, get it, this movie is about dudes cutting organs out of other dudes. Thank Cthulhu that Repo Men got an R-rating because that allows for some seriously Cronenbergian “surgery” scenes including a sex/surgery scene that kind of kicks ass.

Sadly, however, my main complaint is the cliché turn it takes when Sky Captain gets a heart from his company. Of course he fails to make the payments and they send the other Repo Men out after him.

Not this one however

This turn of events seems stupid, I mean he gets hurt on the job by a faulty piece of work equipment, i would think workman’s comp would cover that shit, especially in the high stress, super violent job these guys do. I think this movie would have been way better with a touch more nihilism. A good friend and I were discussing this point prior to the film’s release, and having seen it I can say we were right. If Repo Men was all about two best friends going around a super-crowded futur city cutting robo-organs out of people it would have been significantly cooler.

However, thats isn’t to say Repo Men isn’t good, it is, it’s quite good. One question you might be asking, maybe to determine whether or not you want to go see it, you may ask yourself: Is the RZA in it?

Hell yeah he is

Well there you go, a pretty good, relatively gory, action flick with excellent performances from Jude Law, Forest Whitaker and the guy who directed that Elijah Wood flick.

Oh yeah!!! Also the ending of this flick redeems almost every problem I have with it and not just for the Old Boy homage.


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