King of New York starring “Wildman” Walken

I felt it was prudent to finally get around to writing this review as it is Chris “Wildman” Walken’s 67th birthday. I like “Wildman” Walken, always have, but recently, or I guess since that “more cowbell” SNL bit he has become sort of a parody of himself, luckily it seems that Wildman realizes this fact and has a good time with it instead of being completely oblivious to the jokey, terrible turn his career has taken.

like this guy

Well Abel Ferrara’s King of New York comes from a pre-cowbell time. A time when men and women still feared “Wildman” Walken. At least I think they did, I don’t know for sure because I was an infant when this movie came out.

Anyway King of New York tells the story of a crime lord taking control of the New York drug trade after getting released from Prison. “Wildman” Walken is that man. Walken is really subdued throughout most of this flick, his character always seems to have something important on his mind. Turns out that something is hospitals. In this flick Wildman wants to use the power and money he has gained from the drug game to help poor New York neighborhoods. Kind of like Robin Hood if you replace bows and arrows with crack rock.

This is crack kids, now you know

Now, who is Little John to “Wildman” Walken’s Robin Hood? Larry Fishburne of course, in the most terrifying, hilarious, and bad ass role I’ve seen in a really long time. Fishburne knocks it out of the park as Jimmy Jump in this one, playing one of the most charismatic, tough as nails, despicable character I’ve ever seen. Jimmy Jump is like the Joker in the Dark Knight, if the Joker had a drug problem.

Too soon?

The story in this flick is pushed forward by Wildman’s character but really I was just waiting for Jimmy Jump to come back on-screen to yell at people about fried chicken and root beer or shoot them with two guns at once.

Of course in a crime movie with this many dead bodies (and there are plenty) we are going to get some police interference. The cops are played by pre-Blade Wesley Snipes, pre-meme David Caruso and some dude named Victor Argo who I haven’t seen in anything else but was really good in this. This aspect of the film’s story may be the best. These three guys really want to brink Wildman down and eventually that leads to one of the best shoot-outs/car chases I have ever seen. After watching this movie you are really gonna want to stand up in a moon roof and fire two guns at once in the direction of Wesley Snipes.

Please don't though, cause I really like Mr. Snipes

Last year i saw The Bad Lieutenant the one where Harvey Kietel gets naked and makes walrus noises, not the one where Nic Cage smokes crack with Xzibit and sees iguanas, although I did see that one last year as well but I’m referring to the original because that one and King of New York are directed by the same guy… what the hell was I talking about? I forget… so here’s a picture of “Wildman” Walken with a ‘stache.

This is what dreams are made of

I guess I was going to say that The Bad Lieutenant was a superior film but King of New York is still worth checking out. Oh did I mention Steve Buscemi’s in it, cause he totally is and he checks coke to see if it’s legitimate coke, that’s about all he does, but he’s certainly in this film, however RZA is not.


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