Dig!: The Story of Two Bands and One Man

So I didn’t get all of my music docs in one weeks so maybe this section of My Take On Life will be known as the music doc fortnight. Or not. Whatever, I still have The Devil and Daniel Johnston, plus I’m thinking about watching the one about the James Brown Concert in Africa. Anyway on to the adventures of Anton Newcombe.

Dig! follows the careers of two bands, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols, who were apparently set to work together to start a musical revolution that would utterly destroy rock music as we know it and form it into a totally orginal, creativity minded art form. Obviously they failed.

Look at this bullshit, why is this still popular?

In my opinion Brian Jonestown Massacre is the more successful band musically. Having had listened to both bands Brian Jonestown Massacre is far more original, interesting, and engaging, I mean shit their name is a combination of the name one of the Rolling Stones and a major cult that brainwashed a large group of people then killed them when shit started getting hairy. That takes balls, and it immediately gives you the impression that these guys don’t give a shit.

Look at them, they clearly don't give any kind of a shit

Then there’s the Dandy Warhols, named for that idiot who, for whatever reason, still gets recognition for painting cans, oh well at least The Dandys seem to be mocking that horses anus and not celebrating him, like so many art douches I see on campus.

Family Circus is more subversive than this guy

Anyone who watches Dig! comes away with one fact they can carry with them. Sure the film doesn’t give you anything more than the most basic feel for BJM’s actual music , or really any insight into the internal struggles of The Dandy Warhols, but one thing all people will come away with is that Anton Newcombe is a giant, conceited bag of douches. I think he may have dethroned the current Happygerbaloon’s Take on Live King of the Douche: Troy Duffy. I must deliberate with my crack team of entertainment experts. here is my favorite Brian Jonestown song while you wait.

Okay we are done and it seems that Troy Duffy is still reigning champion of douchebaggery (the art and practice of being a douche). The reasoning was that Newcombe actually created some stuff that warrants a little bit of his asshole attitude. Duffy, in the documentary “Overnight” is a dick for no reason from the start, and then even after he makes his awful, unoriginal piece of garbage he continues to act like he matters, even though he doesn’t. At all.

This isn't the first time I've said it, and it won't be the last but Boondock Saints sucks

Back to Anton. This guy is a hard drinkin’, hard druggin’, asshole music machine. He records music all the time and when he isn’t recording he breaks down and starts freaking out, which is probably why he made six albums over the course of one year. That isn’t to say when he is recording he is totally clean and nice, no he’s still an asshole, just not as bad.

This guy on the other hand seems to be on the same level of jerk all the time

So over the course of the documentary The Brian Jonestown Massacre guys take The Dandy Warhols sort of under their wing in San Francisco, then they kind of become equals, often playing together, then eventually Anton takes offense to The Dandy Warhols becoming “mainstream” and sort of creates this lame beef between them. Not as lame as Coolio’s beef with Weird Al but still pretty lame.

Not everyone can beef as successfully as Fiddy

The Dandy Warhols go on to tour pretty successfully in Europe while The Brian Jonestown Massacre flounder and fall and fall apart in California, well kind of in Georgia, but mainly in California.

In the end Dig! is little more than a really good episode of VH1’s Behind the Music, totally worth watching with some interesting things to talk about with other music fans, but if you don’t like either The Brian Jonestown Massacre or The Dandy Warhols you probably won’t enjoy this flick. But if you like either of these bands you’ve probably already seen Dig!.


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