The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Three dudes, music dudes, can be defined as the Trifecta of Crazy Musicians. G.G. Allin, Wesley Willis, and Daniel Johnston. G.G. Allin was a psycho-country-punk musician who pooped on people and possibly raped some people and appeared on the Giraldo show once and said that raping was probably an okay thing, which I totally disagree with but still it’s a pretty ballsy thing to say, also he had one of the most hilarious/disgusting funerals on youtube. Allin’s music is pretty tough to listen to because it’s so uneven and the themes are so fucked up it’s hard to get into. I mean his most listenable song is called “Expose Yourself To Kids” and it’s 4 minutes of G.G. urging you to expose your johnson to toddlers, and I’m positive he wasn’t being ironic when he wrote it.

Also he looked like this so... kind of scary

Wesley Willis is even harder to listen to because there is no foot hold, or like rosetta stone for understanding his bizarre brand of weird casio keyboard, yelling, rambling, and whupping Batman’s ass. I’m all for Wesley but he tends to annoy the shit out of people.

You will never hear anything like this guys music

Daniel Johnston is most assuredly the most accessible of these three dudes musically, and like probably the easiest to meet as the other two guys are dead. His music is pretty pop influenced and contains totally normal themes of love, abandonment, depression, death, and happiness. Sure he isn’t the best musician but as a song writer he is pretty great.

Plus he looks like he would be your favorite uncle

These past few paragraphs have very little to do with the documentary I watched but I sometimes feel like it’s important to tell people about Wesley Willis, G.G. Allin, and Daniel Johnston, because not enough people know about these guys, especially the first two.

So The Devil and Daniel Johnston may very well be the best documentary not about LARPing that I have ever viewed.

I love this movie, because it's nerds fighting each other with foam.

Anyway Devil and Daniel Johnston tells the life story of musician and artist Daniel Johnston. From his beginning in West Virginia to his life in Houston and Austin, Texas, to his trips to insane asylums due to his depression and psychosis, and everything in between.

It’s incredibly interesting to see the complicated emotional stories behind Johnston’s almost impossibly simple songs. Johnston’s obsessive love with a girl which was never fulfilled and Johnston’s best friend says “it had to end that way” and it did without that lone lost love we wouldn’t have most of Johnston’s music, he probably would have written other songs but I can’t imagine they would be as good.

So I just re-read that paragraph and it sucks. I’m not deleting it so that you can read it and maybe it will make you realize why I can’t write about music, because I love music, I just can’t write in any sort of depth about it except on very special cases. My buddy can he has a blog check it out. mordecaiandfriendsblog it’s entertaining and stuff so yeah. I think I’m going to end my review here, I had more but it’s really poorly written so I’ll just leave you with this:


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