Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Who likes to laugh? That’s right everyone does, according to this movie even Eddie Vedder likes to laugh.

I was convinced this guy had no idea what laughter felt like

Well laughter is the main side effect of watching Walk Hard, laughing from start to hilarious finish. We are told the tale of Dewey Cox from his beginnings as a young southern white kid who after killing his brother in a machete accident and losing his sense of smell learns to play guitar from two elderly black gentlemen in the back of a general store.

All convenience stores should have old bluesman in back

This event sets Dewey  on his path to be among the greats of rock n roll. So this movie is a spoof of music bio pics like Walk the Line and Ray but not a spoof like Meet the Spartans, because that was shitty, it’s more like Airplane, because that is great. It’s non stop jokes that are really well crafted and either further the story, or are totally within the character and story, it’s not just a  series of references with no context because it makes sense that Dewey Cox would play a show with Buddy Holly (Frankie Muniz), the Big Bopper (the guy who bronzes porcelain birds) and Elvis (Jack White).

Walk Hard works at full tilt when you really enjoy both early rock music as well as the bio pics it’s based upon, but it also works great if you like sex jokes, drug jokes, and Tim Meadows, and The Beatles because everyone likes The Beatles.

and if you are one of the 16 people who don't, you suck and are stupid.

Seek this flick out if you haven’t already and if you saw it once and didn’t like it check it out again, it’s totally great.


3 Responses to “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”

  1. I think it works even better when you don’t like the biopics it’s based on. I liked Ray mostly for the dope-shooting and because I knew absolutely nothing about Ray Charles. I know a bit about Johnny Cash, and I have no desire to watch Walk the Line. For such talented people, they all seem to live suspiciously formulaic lives. (see Pop, Iggy) Also, most rock stars aren’t very interesting people to begin with. (see Curtis, Ian) When I make my Ol Dirty Bastard movie, I will do NO research whatsoever and probably make up some stuff about him being a spy. However, I will include the times he rescued a girl who was trapped under a car and the time he picked up his welfare check on live TV.

  2. I saw the movie sort of like Shaun of the Dead where they make fun of the worn out old tropes of these sorts of movies. I agree movies like Walk the Line are really formulaic, I couldn’t even get through Ray cause I was so bored.

    That being said your ODB movie sounds awesome and will make a great companion piece to my Wesley Willis movie where he is played by different actors, but unlike the Bob Dylan movie it’s a different actor every time the camera cuts away. Except for the extremely graphic sex scenes (six or so) where Wesley will be played by Jeremy Irons.

  3. I think you could turn that ODB movie into a series of Biographical movies based on absolutely no research and primarily comprised of made-up shit. It’d be great! You could even do a “remake” of Ray where he becomes Daredevil…

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