WANTED: The Comic Book

Mark Millar is a hot ticket in Hollywood these days with the upcoming KICK-ASS film and the rumors that his latest comic NEMESIS was being developed into a film before it even released. It all kind of started with the James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman movie that came out in 2008. I liked that flick I thought it was some good ultraviolence wrapped around a ridiculous summer action story. I hadn’t read the comic at the time but my Amazon order finally came in and I got the trade yesterday and finished it that very night.

Millar writes incredibly readable comics from KICK-ASS to Old Man Logan to The Ultimates, WANTED is no different, it zips by with a great action movie pace. The writing is pretty good, it is a little over the top with the expletives and you can kind of tell that Millar really wanted to shock the establishment, but the establishment doesn’t really read comics, especially not Top Cow comics, so the swearing seems a little desperate at times, but if you look at WANTED as a warning against violence and being an asshole it works better, but I’m going to say that Mark Millar just learned how to talk from teenage boys.

So the movie Wanted is about a fraternity of assassins who have a magic cloth that tells them who needs to die. This has nothing to do with the comic, the beginning is the same, we have Wesley Gibson and he is a shmuck who everyone takes advantage of and some random dude who we don’t know is shot to death, then we find out that the random dude is Wesley’s dad, but instead of assassins the comic is about supervillians, and they have taken over the world and killed all the superheroes. So it’s like Old Man Logan.

but Logan doesn't call everyone "faggot" in Old Man Logan

Actually my best description of WANTED is it’s like if a fourteen year old boy combined Old Man Logan and Watchmen. Like Watchmen, WANTED can be read as a commentary of comics, Wanted just isn’t nearly as subtle. There is this running commentary on post ’86 comic books and “gritty realism” which, if you know your comics history 1986 is the year that The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen where set upon the world, and these comics started the wave of ultraviolent comics about superheroes that question their motivations and shit, it seems that WANTED is against this but without the birth of “gritty realism” WANTED could not exist because WANTED is both extremely gritty and ridiculously real.

If violence and swears are your thing or you like deconstruction of superhero mythos you’ll enjoy WANTED, and you can find it on the web for less than ten bucks and it’s certainly worth that.

Oh yeah and The RZA isn’t in it, but the main character looks like Eminem.


One Response to “WANTED: The Comic Book”

  1. Loved this shit. And the movie. They’re totally different, but both good for their own reasons.

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