Youth In Revolt

Youth in Revolt is bout shitty people. Not like Pink Flamingos shitty more like kind of realist, really annoying if you met them in real life shitty. I did not expect this, so I really liked it.

Michael Cera plays Nick Twisp a 16-year-old douche bag, not the “wears too much BOD body spray, listens to Nu Metal and only Nu Metal, wears his baseball cap in any way besides straight ahead like a grown up” douce bag, no Nick is the listens to Frank Sinatra all the time, watches La Strada on the weekends for fun, talks like he is smarter than everyone, and thinks sex will solve all his problems kind of 16-year-old douche bag, so this character kind of brought back disturbing memories of myself, the only difference is I watched Bergman instead of Fellini.

So Nick meets Sheeni, the female equivalent of Nick’s douche baggery, a chick who knows who Ozu is and who really loves Breathless and Serge Gainsbourg, the only high school girls I knew who loved french shit that much were awful, I mean she names her dog Albert (pronounced Albear) after Albert Camus and the way she says Albert with stupid over emphasis on BEAR pisses me off, so of course Nick falls in love with her, because she is shitty, and he is shitty, and this movie is all about people who are shitty. The rest of the movie is about Nick and Sheeni trying to be together. In order to be with her Nick has to get kicked out of his mom’s house and sent to live with his dad which is nearer to Sheeni, to do this Nick creates Francois Dillinger, a really hardcore asshole designed to make Nick the ultimate intellectual bad boy, also a movie schizophrenic.

Francois is a great character for Cera because it gives him the chance to show the world the kind of great asshole he can be, the kind of asshole who, in the past, was relegated to DVD bonus disks and Internet videos.

The cst of this movie is really great and surprising, Zack Galifianakis, Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, M. Emmet Walsh, The Chick who puked a bunch in Nick and Norah, Adhir Kalyan from the great Aliens in America, and Fred Willard as the only character in this movie who isn’t totally shitty, he’s a genuinely nice guy but he’s an idiot. Ray Liotta is pretty much just playing his character from Observe and Report just at a lower rank in the police force, maybe Youth in Revolt is a prequel to Observe and Report, they have a similar tone, sort of.

One small gripe, there were a few animated sequences that were kind of bad and unnecessary, they felt like deleted scenes from Paper Heart but the first one had stop motion birds having stop motion sex so that’s kind of okay I guess.

Youth in Revolt was surprisingly intellectual, but not in a pretentious way bit in a lets not talk down to our audience kind of way, the movie is also really cynical which is also cool, I was watching At the Movies last night and A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips wer lamenting a films lack of cynicism and harshness, I like that because I agree more movies need to be cynical and evil.

It's important to keep movies evil

Youth in Revolt is an incredibly original, dark, and hilarious film. Totally worth seeing especially if you know who Ozu is, because this film rewards you for being an intellectual asshole.


3 Responses to “Youth In Revolt”

  1. Do you actually have a copy of this movie? If so, can I borrow it? I love Michael Cera, and this looks pretty much awesome…

  2. Three Fat Kids Says:

    I enjoyed this article thoroughly.

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