Michael Clayton

Congrats Michael. You did it. We’re proud of you, we were all pullin’ for ya, from the beginning. We all knew you could do it, and we were right, because you did it man. I think the best thing about you completing your mission (i.e. doing it) is that you included us. So really. We all did it. Hooray for us. We did it. Michael Clayton, me, you, everyone who participated. We all did it. All right!

There were people who doubted you. You can’t deny it. Remember that one part where the dude with the white hair and the glasses was like “Hey Michael, you can’t do it”. We showed him didn’t we. You looked him in the eye and you said “Not only can I do, I am gonna do it.” and in the end you showed him when you did it. Sorry, we did it. That was a good feeling.

Oh but there were rough times. Like when you had to pick up your kid. Your kid didn’t do it. He wasn’t a very good actor. He really took us all out of it a couple times. Then there was Tilda Swinton. She didn’t want you (us) to do it. Neither did that guy who looked like Anthony Michael Hall but who wasn’t actually Anthony Michael Hall, that guy didn’t want you to do it. But in spite of all that, man you did it. With a little help from your friends (us).

There are a few ambiguities about what it is that you (we) did. But there is no ambiguity about the fact that you (we) did do it, and there is certainly no ambiguity about when it is that you (we) finalized the doing of it. That part when you looked at T. Swins and were all like “You’re fucked” that was the moment. That was the moment that you did it. With us. We did it. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of us! We did it.


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