Good Night and Good Luck

I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn here when I say that Cloon the Goon has talent. He’s a mighty fine actor in both big budget fun fests like the Ocean’s flicks and smaller dramas like Michael Clayton. Not only that but he’s a pretty great director. As an added bonus just to make we mere mortals all the more jealous he is outrageously handsome.

all the ladies reading this just lost their panties

Good Night and Good Luck really is a great flick. It came out a couple of years back and it got mad oscar respect. Best picture, best director, best actor, best writing, and a couple more that, lets face it, people don’t care about.

2005 it seems upon retrospect was a down year for the academy, in terms of  realizing which films where truly deserving of awards and in terms of having the foresight to realize which films would still be watchable 5 years down the road. Let me just say that GN+GL is far better than every movie that beat it on oscar night.

David Strathairn’s performance as Edward R. Murrow is truly great, I was enthralled with ever moment he spoke as well as every moment he didn’t, it was far superior to PSH’s over-wrought and over praised performance in Capote. Both actors portrayed real people of some fame and import in films that would be called slow-paced by literate people and boring by the unwashed masses. Yet Hoffman came off as a bizarre caricature of a man who in life was already pretty much a bizarre caricature, it was the kind of performance that screamed give me an oscar please look at me. Strathairn on the other hand played Murrow with a subtle dominance of the screen that just sort of said “Yeah I’m good but you don’t even realize it do you, and you know what, I don’t care.”

Then Ang Lee wins best picture over Cloon the Goon, a fact that is, pardon my french, stupid. Brokeback Mountain was lame and boring and I don’t think that because I’m homophobic, I’m not, I think that because it was a lame stupid romance that nobody would have cared about if it weren’t for the fact that the romance was between two dudes. If it were about a dude and a chick it would have ben A Walk to Remember with cowboy hats.

A bad movie yes, but at least it had no pretensions towards its own importance.

The academy’s worst trespass against Cloon the Goon, and film in general, was awarding Paul Haggis the awards of writing and best picture for the steaming pile of racist excrement Crash. I know the academy is mostly made of rich white dudes and Crash probably made them feel like they understood black people and that they were absolved of all there racist thoughts and actions when Sandra Bullock, like a rich white Jesus, accepts help from her Hispanic maid after a life time of ill will and fear of people with different skin, but it didn’t and they weren’t because Crash is nothing more than a pandering piece of upper class white fantasy so cloying and up its own ass that it should make any self-respecting film fan throw up in revulsion and anger.

like this

Good Night and Good Luck is the best film I’ve seen from the year 2005, except for maybe Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were Rabbit. That movie truly rocks.


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