First off I’d like to apologize for my lack of updates. This blog is my homepage but I have done very little to necessitate that in the past few months. So from this point on, call it a vow or a New Year’s resolution, I’ll do my best to bring you fine readers, or reader?, reviews at least once a week. You folks can give me a hand as well by suggesting flicks.

In a way this leads me into the review for the documentary I literally just finished watching. Catfish is directed by Ariel Shulman and Henry Joost and is about Ariel’s brother Nev’s internet correspondence with a child artist named Abby and Abby’s older sister Megan.

It begins simple enough with Abby sending Nev, a photographer based in New York City, an unsolicited painting of a photograph Nev had published in a periodical. From there they being a sort of artistic relationship, and soon Nev becomes friends with the mother Angela and sister Megan.

The friendship with Megan becomes something more, and really that’s all I can tell you without spoiling the flick, and as the poster indicates one shouldn’t let anyone tell one what it is.

Without giving anything away I can tell you that this flick is emotionally draining. You may be thinking, how lame of you to say such a thing, that’s like saying that some of the imagery in The Fountain was “so emotionally profound as to be arousing” and while I agree that saying such things about The Fountain, an excellent film don’t get me wrong, would be foolish and should be embarrassing to any such person who would seriously say such a thing, but saying Catfish is emotionally draining is nothing like that.

Mostly this has to do with the second half of the flick, but some of it comes from following this guys long-distance internet relationship, or lo-dis-netationship. Now this may have a lot to do with myself having once been in a lo-dis-netationship so I knew kind of the vaguely bizarre feelings this cat was going through while on the phone with her, but mostly it was just god-damned honest, especially considering Nev’s brother was filming this. I know that if my brother started filming me talking on the phone with a girl i was in a psu-lo-dis-neationship (a psuedo-long-distance- internet relationship) i’d just punch him in the nads and walk away. I certainly wouldn’t let him continue filming me.

Anyway go see this flick and by go I mean rent it/buy it, it came out today on DVD so it should be relatively easy to come by.


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