Forget what I said last week and move every movie on my best of 2010 list down one (sorry Babies) because Buried is my favorite film of 2010. This unbelievably tight thriller stars Ryan Reynolds as a guy trapped in a coffin and that is all I feel comfortable saying in terms of plot, if I were to speak a single syllable more on what this film is about I could possibly ruin your film going experience and I don’t want to do that. Not that it would make the film any less of a masterwork because I’ve seen it twice and can tell you that the second time through is just as engaging and maddening.

Everything about this film is incredibly well crafted, it’s a literal movie translation of Occam’s Razor in that ever aspect of the film is down to the bare minimum and this works to give the film a fresh, unhindered, free quality not seen in other “man trapped in one spot” movies (I’m looking at you 127 Hours).

The minimalistic quality of the film helps to keep your mind on the subject and the freedom Rodrigo Cortes as director and editor has given himself keeps the “gimmick” of Buried from killing it. That gimmick being that you never leave the coffin and are never more than a few inches away from Ryan Reynolds’s (wicked handsome) body.

Sure parts of the flick get a little political, but in the end, you forgive it for two reasons. A) Everything these days is a little political because like war and poverty man, and B) we can forgive it because it never gets in the way of the unbelievably tense story.

That is the best part about Buried, it never lets up, and I mean never. At one point you think it’s letting up, you feel like you might get a moment to breath and calm yourself, but then “No” says Buried, “Fuck you” it shouts at it runs off with your nerves and emotions in a tiny bag, a bag which Buried then pees on and sets fire to.

The first time I saw this film (being last Sunday) I wanted to tell everyone I knew to see it. The second time I saw it (being the Tuesday after my first viewing) I was actually a little upset that everyone I knew hadn’t already seen it. I film like this deserves a wide audience more than any of the crappy movies that came to my theater over the past year, and it worries me that since so few people have actually heard of Buried that now that it’s out on DVD and Blu Ray they’ll think it’s some straight to video piece of garbage. My only hope is that every person who loved Reynolds in The Proposal rents this and instead of being confused (like fans of Sandra Bullock films would normally be when faced with a film with zero jokes about underpants) they are hit with a sudden case of intelligence and enjoy this flick.

Speaking of The Proposal (or whatever crappy movie Reynolds was last in), Buried pretty much redeems him for every previous sin he’s committed against filmed entertainment. The movie totally depends on the performance of its main character because he is (excepting about 3 seconds) the only person on screen for the entire 90 minutes. If the performance had been anything short of great, this review would be entirely different, but as it stands Reynolds knocked it out of the park, using some real, honest to god, acting skillz. It’s just too bad that his next flick after this is the one where all his acting will be computer generated.

I cannot recommend this flick anymore highly; you owe it to yourself as a respectable human being to see it as soon as possible.


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