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Flicks Looking Forward: Spring 2011

Posted in movies with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on February 2, 2011 by Parker Connell

Okay folks I’m sorry to say I do not have a review ready for you on this Wednesday, but I made a promise that I would update at least once a week on Wednesday and I plan to stick to it. Hopefully I will have a review for The King’s Speech soon and that will be posted as soon as it is finished.

Until then I’d like to say a little bit about the films coming out in the spring of this year. In the coming weeks I’ll do a few more posts about the summer and fall, and maybe winter, who knows. Enjoy!

Drive Angry (February 25th) – Yes it looks unbelievably stupid, yes Nic Cage looks to be playing the guy from Bangkok Dangerous, yes it’s actually called Drive Angry, but watch the trailer and then tell me it doesn’t look like it’ll be worth every cent. Plus it was filmed in 3D none of this post-3D-ification Clash of the Airbenders nonsense.

Rango (March 4th) – I haven’t been this excited for a kids movie since Where the Wild Things Are. I don’t think Rango will be as good, but man Rango looks fun as hell. It’s really nice to see worthwhile CG projects coming out of a studio not named Disney.

The Adjustment Bureau (March 4th) – I really want this movie to be good. I know it won’t be good, but damn it could be. It looks to straight-laced to be a great PKD adaptation (like Minority Report or A Scanner Darkly) but a bit too weird to get the Matt Damon soccer mom crowd. I probably won’t be seeing this until it’s on Netflix Instant

Mars Needs Moms (March 11th) – Just kidding this looks really stupid.

Battle: LA (March 11th) – I only know the bare bones of this flick, but I can’t imagine it goes much deeper than aliens attack. I’m mildly interested to see this, if only for Aaron Eckhart and maybe a solid Military Sci-Fi story.

Jane Eyre (March 11th) – In my The Kids Are All Right review I made some big proclamations about Mia Wasikowsk, the big one being that I would see anything and everything she does from now on. Well this Bronte adaptation is hr next work so I guess I’m gonna have to eat my shoe on that one. For I am mostly a man of my word, mostly.

Paul (March 18th) – When I first heard about this flick I was mad excited, and each new sliver of information that was released over the following 2 years was met with enthusiasm. Then the first trailer came out and I had my first twang of worry, then the second trailer came out and I have pretty much given up on this flick.

Sucker Punch (March 25th) – March 25th cannot come soon enough, I am so unbelievably stoked for this outrageous looking movie. I’ve enjoyed everything Snyder has done in the past and this, his first original work, looks to be his best most entertaining flick. 2011 has a lot of lackluster looking action flick but hopefully Sucker Punch can redeem them.

Source Code (April 1st) – Everything about this movie screams cookie cutter light sci-fi thriller, but, I am excited for this film simply by virtue of it’s director Duncan Jones the man who brought us Moon. Also it has Jeffrey Wright the best actor alive not named Robert Duvall.

Your Highness (April 8th) – Could be great like Eastbound and Down, could be pretty good like Pineapple Express, but it could be awful. I’m hoping for greatness, and expecting pretty goodness, but there is a reason Willow 2 was never made.

Thor (May 6th) – Of the big budget Superhero flicks coming out this year Thor is the only one I want to see. The lead looks good, Natalie Portman is a talented actress who can hold her own against everyone in the cast. Plus nobody is wearing weird ugly CG clothes.

So that pretty much covers the movies I want to see in the springtime. Maybe I’ve sparked your interest in an upcoming film, maybe I made you decide not to see another, at the very least I hope I have entertained you momentarily.